Turning a person into a sculpture figure…

First, the person is scanned. The data is then relayed as specific coordinates to the robotic arm. A ‘cut away process’ using a drill bit shapes the final outcome. Block polystyrene is then strengthened with cement or resin to create a long lasting, weather resilient exact replica – a life like and life size figurative sculpture. The data from the scan can also be used to scale up or down, so you can create small models or huge figures from one scan of a person. The sculpture could also be made from a scan of a model in the first place rather than scanning a real person. There are so many possibilities! In the photos below you can see how the process has worked with a lamb. A model was made and scanned, then a scaled up version created by robotic milling (unfortunately the lamb was blown over in a recent storm so it is not looking its best!!)

Getting Started

The Hidden Figures team are meeting up tomorrow to start making plans! We were delighted to have been given a grant from Wiltshire Council’s Area Board to go towards a first figure as a “pilot” for the trail. We’ve got a good idea about who the first figure is going to be…but we’re keeping it under wraps for now. Watch this space!

About this blog

Hidden Figures is a community street art project in Salisbury, Wiltshire. We are working on creating a trail of 9 life size figures through the city.

Once the project really gets going we will have a dedicated website, but in the meantime this blog will provide a diary for the project with news and updates.

For more information contact Clare 01722 413236 / 07941 079920 or hiddenfiguressalisbury@gmail.com